Building it safe, building it right,
in the heartland.

Alberta's Industrial Heartland

North West Redwater Partnership's project complements the vision of the Alberta Industrial Heartland, which community leaders explain is to “…maximize the efficient use of resources, information, raw materials, energy, infrastructure, and natural habitats.” This priority on efficiency means less waste and operations that run in a more environmentally responsible manner.

A study co-sponsored by government determined that Alberta can become one of the world’s largest eco-industrial chemical clusters. The Partnership will create one of the very first building blocks of this eco-industrial cluster, to pave the way for other opportunities to follow and to the benefit the entire region.

Integration of gasification with CCS, conversion of low value bitumen to high value products and its central location in the Alberta Industrial Heartland make the Partnership one of the anchor tenants of Alberta’s development of a hydrocarbon processing cluster. This is consistent with Alberta’s strategic direction to concentrate heavy industrial development in this area to support the efficient and economic development of the province’s resources.