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Benefits of Upgrading and Refining in Alberta

Additional benefits which will allow North West Redwater Partnership to:

  • Recycle high quality diluent to customers
  • Recover sulphur and sell it to the market
  • Produce critically needed ultra low sulphur diesel
  • Integrate a carbon capture and storage solution
  • Eliminate the use of natural gas as a feedstock for hydrogen
  • Eliminate coke and ashphaltenes as a disposal problem
  • Recovery of heavy metals from the bitumen feedstock which would otherwise be lost

Alberta has competitive advantages that will enable world leadership in gasification and carbon capture and storage. These advantages include significant supplies of low value bitumen residue, under-exploited EOR reservoirs waiting for CO2 and ongoing needs for significant quantities of hydrogen for upgrading, refining and petrochemicals. NWR Partnership is at the forefront of ensuring this world leadership.