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Gasification allows for the efficient elimination of upgrading waste products, such as coke, as well as a significant reduction in natural gas consumption, and for the ease of carbon capture. The decision to use gasification as an integral component of the upgrading and refining process enables capture of a significant portion of the CO2 in a simple process step. Gasification also minimizes resource use for water and natural gas, and has several positive benefits for other waste products produced in typical upgraders including sulphur and trace metals.

Gasification converts solid or liquid materials into cleaner, usable gases with minimal environmental impact. The Partnership's gasification uses the energy stored in the upgrading waste products to convert those products to hydrogen. This in turn enables the production of high purity CO2. That’s an important distinction, because only high purity CO2 is ideal for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).  Another key benefit of this technology is that the entire process happens within a reactor, making it possible to capture all of the CO2 before it is released into the atmosphere.