Building it safe, building it right,
in the heartland.

The Project

North West Redwater Partnership is building a world first right here in Alberta. Our bitumen refinery is the only one designed from the ground up to incorporate gasification and a carbon capture and storage solution, setting an international precedent for responsible development.

This project’s integrated and cost effective CO2 management will provide a competitive advantage, proving that Alberta’s energy production, inclusive of oil sands bitumen, can be both globally competitive and environmentally responsible.

The Partnership has secured regulatory approvals (3 phases), completed designs, ordered and received major equipment, awarded contracts, and commenced construction of Phase 1 of a three phase, 150,000 barrels per day bitumen blend refinery that will produce diesel, diluent and other products for the Alberta and world markets.

The Partnership targets to build, manage and operate a 150,000 barrels per day bitumen refinery over three phases. The Phase 1 Construction Sanction announced November 8, 2012 led to construction starting in spring 2013. The Partnership will invest over $8 billion in Phase 1 to produce cleaner, high value end products needed by Albertans and global markets.

Bitumen feedstock for Phase 1 will be provided by Canadian Natural and by the Government of Alberta through its bitumen royalty-in-kind initiative.