Building it safe, building it right,
in the heartland.

Value-Added Products

North West Redwater Partnership is focused on producing a range of cleaner, high value products needed to meet Alberta’s increasing demand and North America’s new low carbon standards.

Clean Performance Diesel

This specially formulated high cetane, ultra low sulphur diesel delivers better engine performance, lower emissions and improved fuel economy.  Alberta’s economic growth will require far more diesel than can currently be produced. The Partnership will satisfy this increased demand while at the same time set a new standard for diesel quality in a low carbon production environment.


The province requires large sources of diluent to meet the current and future needs for bitumen producers. The Partnership will be a vital source of high quality recycled and manufactured diluents that will displace expensive imports for bitumen producers.

Naphtha – This product is used primarily as a component in high octane gasoline.  The Partnership’s pure naphtha will also be ideal for use in petrochemical processes or as part of the manufactured diluent pool.

Low Sulphur Vacuum Gas Oil

This high quality material has applications for intermediate feedstock in refineries, the production of lubricants, and for sales as an off-road fuel.

Light Ends

Products such as butane, propane, and ethane manufactured at the plant will be available and sold to other Alberta industries.

Although it may take years to fully develop eco-industrial synergy industries, the products produced by the Partnership will encourage downstream industries to develop. This catalyst will support the provincial government’s vision and result in significant long term competitive advantages for Alberta.